404 When People Change Your Life – Tuesday Tunes

When People Change Your Life – Tuesday Tunes

We’ve all been here before…known a person who left a lasting impression on your life…someone that taught you what it meant to live…and to love.

Even if it doesn’t work out.  If you hadn’t been with that person you wouldn’t be the one you are now…who loves the one you love now.

And that’s good. Right?

I know I’ve had people in my life who have shaped the woman I am today…who helped mold me into the strong, independent, and motivated woman I am today.  Haven’t you?

Often those types of relationships are lasting, they’re strong, and their real…but most often they are temporal.  Give to us for only a short time to guide us into becoming the us we are meant to be.  I am thankful for these people, these relationships, in my own life as well as in Jon’s.

I am thankful for the lessons, the joy, and the pain.

This song speaks of the sacredness of these relationships.

(Boy, I’ve been on a country kick recently huh? Don’t worry, I’ll be changing it up next week.)

Lady Antebellum – “We Owned The Night”

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