404 #Walkabout Check-In Day 14

#Walkabout Check-In Day 14

Here we are – day 14.

Last weekend was my B.I.G. 3-0 and the only things I asked for was a treadmill, an ice cream cake, and a cheap MP3 player to use when I’m walking by myself.  Well…my sweet-sweet hubby came through for me once again!  I got my cake and my treadmill too (and the mp3 player)!  I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband, y’all.

Now…I am so pleased to be able to walk my 30 minutes even when the weather is not conducive for outdoor activity.  I am in heaven.  I’ve been jumping on the ‘mill (as I like to call it) after I get home from taking KG to school and walking a nice brisk pace for 30 minutes just to get my minimum in for the day.  I’ve also been finding when I work out in the mornings I focus better on my work, am more conscious about the food I put in my body and how I carry myself throughout the day.

I’m loving my new shoes and the treadmill! I feel better than I have in a very long time!  Well…with the exception of the fact that I’ve got a headache, a low-grade fever, and a sore throat…which always happens when I start a new exercise regiment.  I just finished an hour long fast walk that had me burning 200 calories and I’m feeling the burn in my abs from the weighted side crunches of yesterday.

I’ve already lost 2 pounds since starting to walk again two weeks ago and I can see a difference in my shape already…but I really want to see some differences in my arms.  My legs haven’t been hurting so Ima guess this means the shoes are working to keep my legs aligned correctly so far.

I can’t wait see how I feel 14 days from now!

What are you doing to keep your body strong and healthy?

Disclosure: I am a Orthaheel blog ambassador and am participating the 28-day Walking Journey, all results and thoughts are my own though.

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