January 31, 2015

Type A Mom and The Sister Project Sponsorship

You Know You’re A Sister When…Now I finish this thought.   I’ve been Type A Mom and The Sister Projectstruggling with a way to answer this, because you see everything I write sounds lack luster.  I can’t begin to describe to you what their sisterhood means to me and now in answering this question I’m afraid I will miss something or someone.

Having two amazing IRL sisters and a cousin who is just as close,  I have the best examples of what a sister is.  My sisters in “real life” and online are much the same, each with their own personality, quirks, and endearments.  My net sisters are as much a part of my heart as any, they love me for who I am and they don’t care if I’m way goofier in person.

You know you’re a sister when…

  • you can cry on her shoulder, never have to speak a word and know that it doesn’t matter, there is no judging.
  • no matter how busy she is, she’ll drop what she’s doing and answer your totally off the wall tech/seo question.
  • though you may have never met or have only seen each other briefly, you feel her pain. You cry with her, for her.
  • you not only pray for them, but also their children, their husbands…each night.
  • your husband no longer has to ask “Now which one is she?”
  • she totally gets your humor, even if it is a little dark at times, and loves you just the same.
  • she doesn’t let you get away with your self-depreciating crap. She insists you stand up and take responsibility for who you are and encourages you the entire way.
  • you get super excited about her pregnancy with baby #4. Now all you’re waiting on is the sex so you have an excuse to buy cute baby stuffs.
  • you will walk way farther than 2 blocks to bring them back McDonalds.  Admitting, it was your suggestion in the first place.
  • they don’t care if you’re wearing the majority of their Coke  on your shirt and what’s left is in their fries.
  • you can Skype her anytime.  I love that you’re always on..oh, and that I don’t have to wear makeup.

I could go on and on, but for fear of running you off I will cease.  My sisters, my “tribe”, thank you for putting up with me…for loving me despite and because of.   You have helped me find my voice, you made me fight for what I deserve, you make me better for knowing you.

I’m terribly sorry if I have left you off…I hate the idea of forgetting anyone.

If you would like to enter the Sisterhood Project head over to Type A Mom and enter today! Oh, and while you’re at it head over to the Sister Project and meet some new sisters!

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