404 Tuesday Tunes – My Chair is Silver, What Color is Yours?

Tuesday Tunes – My Chair is Silver, What Color is Yours?

It’s no secret that I am a product of my love for 90′s rock…and 80′s punk (but that’s a different day).  I’ve got a lot of “favorite bands” from this time period and another one of those favorites is Silverchair.  Sultans of blonde grunge, Silverchair hit their peak right around the time I was graduating from high school and their teenage angsty music still calls to me.

If you haven’t given them a listen, now is the time.

Awesome anytime Silverchair fills my grunge need by combining their dirty guitar riffs with melody and a great hook.

Able to change their sound easily to captivate the grunge girl’s heart with Miss You Love, Silverchair had a song for every one of my moods.

What are you listening to this week?

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