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Three Hearts Documentary Review – A Samaritan’s Purse – Tommy Nelson Project

March 6, 2012 Amanda 1 Comment

Just yesterday, since we had a two hour school delay, I popped the documentary Three Hearts into the laptop so that I could write this review…90 minutes later I was changed.  I couldn’t write this review yesterday, my heart was still too heavy and broken…and full.  I had to take all day and last night to mull over what I had seen – to talk with Jon about the lives that were effected in this movie.  I needed time to pray about it and let God speak  to me about it…before…before I could bring anything to you beyond my initial, “wow.” reaction.

Have you ever been there?

Where you’ve seen something you’re sure has changed you, but all you can think is “wow.”?

And you know honestly, I’m not sure I’m there yet.  It’s all still so fresh.  My heart is still so … full, but I’m going to try.

Three Hearts Review

Three Hearts is the story of Billy Graham’s granddaughter, Cissie Graham Lynch’s first project after coming on to work with Children’s Heart Project, a branch of Samaritan’s Purse that brings children to the United States for life saving surgery.  The documentary takes you through the tough and sometimes personal choices made by the CHP staff, Cissie, and the children & their families.  Through the movie you grow to love Otga, Toggie, and Uugna and their families (not to mention the host families that support and love the children/mothers), don’t tell me about it being a short time…you do, trust me.  I was afraid for them, I cheered with them, and I cried with them.  The documentary gave an inside look at how one branch of outreach is touching countless lives while also weighing the risks and showing the struggles each person faces along the way.  I am a better person for watching this documentary.

Lordy, how I cried.  When, not if, when you watch this movie do so prepared – arm yourself with a box of tissues.

After the movie I sat up, ready to do whatever I could to help, I want to spread the news of what Children’s Heart Project is doing for children all over the world.  I want everyone I know to see this movie, to be touched, and to then in turn spread the news.

So I’m going to pray about it, I’m going to write about CHP, and I’m wait for the Lord to show me how He wants me to move.  I know he does, but I am learning to be quiet and listen to His Still Quiet Voice.

I’m praying you’ll watch Three Hearts, that you’ll let it change your heart, and that you’ll support them in any way you can.

Watch the trailer and tell me this doesn’t spur you into action.

Later this week, I’ll be adding more information about Children’s Heart Project as my March Community Impact Feature and providing you with 3 ways you can support CHP right where you live.

In the meantime:

Buy Three Hearts and watch it (not an affiliate link).

Like Samaritan’s Purse and Children’s Heart Project on Facebook.

Watch this trailer for Three Hearts too.


What are you doing to spread the message of Love this week?

Disclosure: I was provided the DVD for review, but received no compensation from Samaritan’s Purse.  No affiliate links were used or other means of reimbursement.  All thoughts, feelings, and prayers are my own.
Image Courtesy: Flickr - Three Hearts Project

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