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Thoughts on Blissdom 2012 from a Community Leader – Video

February 27, 2012 Amanda 9 Comments

Having just returned from Blissdom I wanted to give y’all my quick reflection from a community leader standpoint. One of the things I enjoyed most was that as a community leader I interacted with a wider variety of bloggers and small business owners than I normally would have.

Blissdom has such a unique feel, it nourishes your soul and helps you to feel connected to others in your field.

I love that.

I also love that every conference I attend has a different feel, it nourishes a different part of me and introduces me to a different community and new learning experiences.

*Side note: I didn’t mean that my friends stop me from meeting new people…I sound really awkward penguin there. SO girls, You know you were missed, terribly…ignore my awkwardness.*

Did you attend Blissdom? What was your favorite part?

If not, what is your favorite part about a conference?


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  1. rajean
    Twitter: rajean

    February 27, 2012 - 6:29 pm

    First off, adorable. Second, I’m still a newbie in the social media conference circles. Can you explain the role of a community leader? Thank you!


    Twitter: highimpactmom

    Awww. Thank you! As a community leader it was our responsibility to make sure the members of our niche, newbies, and just all the conference attendees feel welcome and have all the insight we can offer. We were each assigned 3 sessions to lead in and we were given tables to lead. So after the speaker got finished we would try to help show our table members how to make it work for their own sites. Hope that helped!


  2. Rachel - A Southern Fairytale
    February 27, 2012 - 6:33 pm

    You crack me up.

    Stacey and Amber rock! I don’t know Monica, sad I didn’t get to meet her!

    This year totally rocked!!!!


    Twitter: highimpactmom

    Ha! You can’t say anything about my accent. ;-)

    They seriously do! Monica is all sorts of amazing and her fashion sense is infallible!

    It seriously did! (PS. It was so nice to see you!)


  3. Nikki - The Guilty Parent
    Twitter: Nikki_S

    February 27, 2012 - 8:13 pm

    I may have to play this over and over again just so I can hear your voice. I miss you horribly.

    I did not attend Blissdom this year but for me there are two best parts because I can’t pick just one:

    1. The face to face contact. I love being able to look my blog buddies in the eye and comment on something awesome that they’ve said rather than typing it up in a comment or on Facebook.

    2. The ability to go somewhere where people get “me”. I can only talk social media to the kids (yes. yes I do) or my BFF in North Carolina or my husband whose eyes glaze over and starts to nod off at even the mention of “blog”, “social media” or “facebook”. It is truly refreshing to talk to people who speak my language and watch them nod in agreement or chime in with something that makes my heart sing.

    Type-A seems so far away right now; I simply cannot wait to come home to my people.


    Twitter: highimpactmom

    You are so sweet Nikki…and I miss your face.

    I totally agree though, I think we have to have this connection or we start to think we’re all alone, and that’s not good for anyone!


  4. Andrea (Lil-Kid-Things)
    February 28, 2012 - 2:18 pm

    I love seeing you on video! Can’t wait to see you at Type-A!


    Twitter: highimpactmom

    Awww!! Thank you! I can’t wait to see you either!


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