404 Thoughts on Blissdom 2012 from a Community Leader – Video

Thoughts on Blissdom 2012 from a Community Leader – Video

Having just returned from Blissdom I wanted to give y’all my quick reflection from a community leader standpoint. One of the things I enjoyed most was that as a community leader I interacted with a wider variety of bloggers and small business owners than I normally would have.

Blissdom has such a unique feel, it nourishes your soul and helps you to feel connected to others in your field.

I love that.

I also love that every conference I attend has a different feel, it nourishes a different part of me and introduces me to a different community and new learning experiences.

*Side note: I didn’t mean that my friends stop me from meeting new people…I sound really awkward penguin there. SO girls, You know you were missed, terribly…ignore my awkwardness.*

Did you attend Blissdom? What was your favorite part?

If not, what is your favorite part about a conference?


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