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Things Remembered Global Influence Holiday Gift Guide Review

November 16, 2009 Amanda 26 Comments

I’m a sucker for jewelry.  It’s a fact, just as well know as the fact that I love chocolate.  So when the group formally known as Momfluence (now Global Influence) gave me the opportunity to review a bracelet from Things Remembered for their Holiday Gift Guide, I jumped at the chance.  I have been a fan of Things Remembered for many years, I purchased a personalized pocket watch for Jon from there for our first Valentines Day and have purchased subsequent personalized ornaments from the store nearly every Christmas for 10 years. This year will be no different.

Global Influence Things Remembered Holiday Gift Guide I was able to design my own personalized pearl bracelet with charm and locket(retail: around $60) in minutes (it took a bit longer since I have a hard time deciding on anything).  I chose a pearl bracelet with a heart locket (which sometimes falls open) engraved with KH (my girl’s initials), and a K with pearl attached.  I decided to make it as much neutral, not favoring either girl more and decided to use only their similar initials.  I want both of my daughters know that I love them equally.

It took a relatively short amount of time for the bracelet to be shipped and arrive at my home.  The quality of the bracelet is very good, however as I mentioned above the locket occasionally comes open, and it thrills me to no end that I finally has something in dedication to my little ladies.

Custom Couture Jewelry Collection – A new custom accessory! Gift givers first choose a bracelet or necklace in one of five designs, including a pearl or beaded chain. Then they add one of three engravable pendants and finish the accessory with a miniature, sparkling birthstone pendant, initial pendant with pearl accent, and/or one of six miniature charms, including a star, angel, cross, heart, butterfly or key.

I love the idea of this as a present you can build for someone else. I mean how often to we get the same old thing from our husbands (or have to buy it ourselves)?  This would be a fantastic alternative.  How nice would it be to get a gift of jewelry that your spouse and children designed especially for you? Oh my gosh! I would melt! And what a great chance for your husband to spend some quality time with the kids teaching them how to show their mother some appreciation!

Global Influence Things Remembered Holiday Gift Guide The Custom Jewelry would also make a great gift for your mother!  Imagine your mom’s face when she opens the box to find a personalized gift you created just for her.  I actually love this as a gift for any special lady in your life!  Right now you can get a free Keepsake box with your purchase of select items!

Full Disclosure: Things Remembered generously allowed me to create and personalize my own bracelet for this review.  I was given the chance to do this review by Global Influence (formally Momfluence).

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