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What I Learned on the Internetz: 1-9-2010

What I Learned On the InternetzThis week was the week for resolutions and goals…there was plenty to be inspired by on the blog’osphere this week and I soaked up as much as possible.  Here’s what I have to share with you this week:

Wisdom Begun provides a fantastic resource for homeschooling your preschooler, including free handwriting worksheets. Bigs has terrible handwriting, so I have started printing out these worksheets for her to practice with (I love that I can personalize them with Scripture). For some added practice she reads them when she’s done.

The Incslingers remind us that this year it’s not just important to know what we’re listening for but also to take action on what we’re hearing.

MOMeo Magazine offered great advice on being successful in the coming year.  I particularly agree with the section about stopping selling yourself short…YES I am worth it.

Web 2.0 hands down a timely reminder about texting that should be applied to all social media interactions…Think before you hit send. Please. You have to see the video starring James Lipton and created by LG. *Video not appropriate for children*

Holly’s guest post on Remarkablogger encourages corporate bloggers to blog as themselves rather than their brand. It is so important all of us to remember, people are much more likely to work with a person they feel like they “know” rather than a brand.

My good friend, fellow blogger, and my Blissdom sponsor, Katja Presnal, is offering one other lucky blogger a FREE ticket to Blissdom!! Talk about pay-it-forward.  I encourage you to spend some time reading the entries already posted and get inspired to live your life to the fullest!

And because this sounds like a conversation I’ve had in my own home…Muthering Heights lightens the mood a little for us…

SO take a minute, grab some coffee and snuggle up with some great weekend reads!

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What I Learned from the Internetz:1/2/2010

image courtesy of CandyKelty.com

image courtesy of CandyKelty.com

For those of you who don’t already know the girls and I have pneumonia and I’ve been offline pretty much for two weeks. And since I didn’t do a 2009 wrap up post or Resolutions post etc I thought I would  gather some of my favorite end of the year posts, as of tonight when I put out a call for links. Here’s a look at what the Internetz have taught me this week:

Barbie Thumbelina doll sets have been known to cause major chocolate intake and too-big Tu-Tus do nothing but take up space.  The toy maven tells us some of her biggest toy-fails for 2009.

Jessica reminds us that we serve an awesome God who gives us the chance at a fresh start daily with his loving mercies.  Be sure to read this and be inspired and reminded of God’s precious mercies.

While I didn’t set a bunch of resolutions this year, I did spend some time brainstorming goals for my blog (more on that later), life, family, and church.  One of the main things we are looking to embrace this year is the value of play. Good old fashion playtime with the girls.

Thanks to Childhood101 for getting me to thinking about 5 words to define and focus on in the coming year.  For me the words are: Focus, Family, Faith, Memories, and Faith.  Each of these words represents an area of my life I want to focus and work on in 2010.

My friend Kelly reminds me that 2010 is going to rock! and to be specific about my blog goals.  Kelly has inspired me to focus on consistency and read more BOOKs :)

Another of my personal goals is to read through the Bible this year, but my girl Tara is blowing me out of the water and inspiring me with her devotion to journal her journey through the Bible in 90 days!  She’s also planning on losing 100 pounds this year (wow! You go girl! I know you can do it!) and pay off 1/2 of their debt! Awesome and totally attainable goals for the new year!

Amber welcomes 2010 with a great list of personal, spiritual, financial, and bloggy goals with us. Amber also shares a goal with me: to write/publish/sell an ebook this year…though I just have to figure out what I have to say anybody wants to read…

Ya’ll know I love me some Geek, so I had a great time checking out GeekDad’s 12 Geek New Year’s Resolutions. I love his ideas on going green “geek style” and I’ve already started with the indoctrination of our children. Seriously. Little Geeks in Training I tell ya!

And finally Amy, who is always Resourceful, shares with us her favorite Resourceful posts of 2009. My favorite is the one about the minimuffins!

I’d love to keep reading! If you have a post that you think teaches us something, feel free to share it here! You never know it might make it on next week’s Things I Learned from the Internetz…