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#Walkabout Check-In Day 14

Here we are – day 14.

Last weekend was my B.I.G. 3-0 and the only things I asked for was a treadmill, an ice cream cake, and a cheap MP3 player to use when I’m walking by myself.  Well…my sweet-sweet hubby came through for me once again!  I got my cake and my treadmill too (and the mp3 player)!  I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband, y’all.

Now…I am so pleased to be able to walk my 30 minutes even when the weather is not conducive for outdoor activity.  I am in heaven.  I’ve been jumping on the ‘mill (as I like to call it) after I get home from taking KG to school and walking a nice brisk pace for 30 minutes just to get my minimum in for the day.  I’ve also been finding when I work out in the mornings I focus better on my work, am more conscious about the food I put in my body and how I carry myself throughout the day.

I’m loving my new shoes and the treadmill! I feel better than I have in a very long time!  Well…with the exception of the fact that I’ve got a headache, a low-grade fever, and a sore throat…which always happens when I start a new exercise regiment.  I just finished an hour long fast walk that had me burning 200 calories and I’m feeling the burn in my abs from the weighted side crunches of yesterday.

I’ve already lost 2 pounds since starting to walk again two weeks ago and I can see a difference in my shape already…but I really want to see some differences in my arms.  My legs haven’t been hurting so Ima guess this means the shoes are working to keep my legs aligned correctly so far.

I can’t wait see how I feel 14 days from now!

What are you doing to keep your body strong and healthy?

Disclosure: I am a Orthaheel blog ambassador and am participating the 28-day Walking Journey, all results and thoughts are my own though.

Wordless Wednesday – Sights from My Walks #Walkabout

For the next month I’ll be sharing views and sights from my daily walks for the Walkabout Challenge, this week’s picture is a recent discovery despite it being located in the middle of the town I grew up in.

This is the original jail for our county.

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Disclosure: I am a Orthaheel blog ambassador and am participating the 28-day Walking Journey, all photos are my own though.

Walking Playlist #Walkabout

The songs on my workout playlist probably aren’t what you’d expect to see or hear, but these songs have a great beat and keep me moving because I can sing along (most often in my head as I’d rather not make everyone’s ears bleed) and because the beat works for my exercise regime.  I’m a child of the 80’s and as such was a teenager in the 90’s, so these songs were staples of my mixed cds.

Walking Playlist

  • *Jimmy’s Chicken Shack – Do right
  • *Orange 9mm – Driver
  • *Sublime – Saw Red
  • *Beasty Boys – She’s Crafty
  • *Butthole Surfers – Pepper
  • *Monty Python – Always Look on the Bright side of Life (I add this one in the middle of my workout to keep me motivated and perky)
  • *Alkaline Trio – Radio
  • *Bloodhound Gang – I Hope You Die
  • *Goldfinger – Superman
  • *Less than Jake – Just like Frank
  • *Primus – Jerry was a Racecar Driver

What do you listen to when you’re walking or working out?

Disclosure: I am a Orthaheel blog ambassador and am participating the 28-day Walking Journey, all music choices are my own though.

#Walkabout Check-In Day – Day 5

The soreness is gone! Hooray!  However the shortness of breath, tingling and numbing in my hands & arms, and general light-headedness are still hanging around.  I’ve noticed this is at its worst later in the evening when I can concentrate and the struggle becomes really noticeable.

Jon and some of my friends are adamant about my going to see a doctor, while I feel like I should wait and see if it goes away on its own. One thing is for sure the shortness of breath is making it difficult for me to work out the way I was – I’m afraid if I start doing the exercises again the sensations and shortness of breath will get worse…which obviously I don’t want.

LA & I got the pleasure of walking alone yesterday which was AWESOME! Ya know, mostly because we were free to gossip and make poor language decisions without fear of being bad influences.  Since all the girls were safe and cared for we extended our walk even further and made an extra loop today.  The longer we walked the better my legs, which were sore and stiff from the hills of yesterday, felt and the more stamina I had.

Today is Awesome day, so I’m sure I’ll find time to work a nice walk into the day.  Maybe I can even go by myself!

So…what’s doin in your world?

Disclosure: I am an Orthaheel ambassador, however all impressions, leg muscle pain, or weight-loss and silliness is my own.

#Walkabout Day One – #WordlessWednesday

Today LA, Baby A, KJ, KG & I extended our walk to 45 minutes despite my continued shortness of breath and I added back the “Foosball Kicks” with 5-pound weights.  Just after the walk today LA captured my walking outfit for this beautiful spring day. (I dressed too warmly.)

What are you doing to live healthier?

#WalkAbout with Me for the Next 28-Days

Today, I am thrilled to announce that I will be participating with 49 other social media savvy people as a Orthaheel and Dr. Andrew Weil Integrative Footwear as a health ambassador in their Walkabout Campaign. As an ambassador I have made a 28-day commitment to walk 30 minutes every day. As you know I’m passionate about healthy living and daily walking is an important part of that lifestyle. I asked Jon for a treadmill this year for the Big 3-0 and if I get it I won’t have any problems keeping my commitment.

I’m struggling just function and breathe today, I think I’ve been overdoing it with the core exercises and strained a couple of muscles in my back that is making it hard on me. I hate not feeling normal, so I’m just going to listen to my body and take it easy with the walking.  I was so happy to have LA and Baby A join us today and I managed to convince LA to take the long way and extend our walk.  Since I’m still breaking my new Rhythm walkers in, I have to get used to the way they correct my step and my stance.

I’m excited to be working with these great companies to raise awareness for the overall health benefits. Dr. Weil is a well-respected and trusted authority integrative medicine and is the founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine . Equipped with a brand new pair of Dr. Weil & Orthaheel’s newest walker, Rhythm, to make sure my feet and legs stay in alignment while I’m walking. For the next 28-days I’ll be sharing my experiences, inspirations, and struggles with you and I hope you’ll join me with in the challenge as well!