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3 Key Ashevillian Take-Aways from Type-A Mom

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To cap off my 3 Key Take-Aways from Type-A Mom I decided to end things with my 3 Key Ashevillian Take-Aways

  • *Malaprops is a funky old bookstore {the very best kind there is} perched way atop a glute killing hill that serves the most amazing sugar-topped chocolate swirl muffins. OH and the uber-hilarious Amy Sedaris will be there this month.
  • * Asheville offers a hugely vast array of unique and tasty restaurants.  Early Girl Eatery {also located atop killer hill} stood out as the best meal I’ve had in a very long time and their amazingly apple pie-y sweet potatoes had us asking for a recipe.
  • * I missed out on some rather amazing Nutella ice cream from local eatery, The Hop, and I am none too happy about it.  Check out Freezer Burn’s review of The Hop’s Nutella ice cream. Next year, this ice cream is a must.

In Asheville, you will find an eclectic city full of treasures, open minds, and Southern Hospitality {even though many of the residents are transplants}. I really could have gone on and on here since I also adore The Biltmore, The Thomas Wolfe Memorial is chock full of history, and the Renaissance’s security detail is top-notch.

Do you have any favorite places in Asheville – any tips for people just visiting Asheville for the first time?

Share them in the comments!

End of School Countdown: Planning for Summer

Since we have a mere 2 days of school left now, I decided it might behoove me to start planning activities and busy work for KG’s summer.  Now I don’t plan to work her the entire summer break, but I do plan to keep her learning and continuing to  stretch her growing mind. [Read more...]

Travel Toy Boxes

We were called away from home this weekend due to a family emergency and since we were taking the girls, I had to think of a way to pack enough toys and activities to keep them busy for a while.  We have a relatively small car so space is always an issue, especially on long trips (anything over an hour). I have devised a way to transport enough toys for both of them AND conserve much needed space.

We use travel toy boxes.  We use 20 QT. plastic tubs, which we normally use to organize toys in the bedrooms, are the perfect size to carry in the car.  We allow both girls to fill the tubs with their choice of toys (with supervision).  The girls get the feeling of independence and love choosing their own toys to take on toys.  The tubs stack perfectly between the girl’s car seats and are easy to access.

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