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The Great Henson Clean-Up Vlog

Today marks my first vlog in over a year AND the first Face-to-Face Monday here at High Impact Mom. Today, I am giving you a look at what I spent my entire day doing {while the kiddos were at school and Stef’s}. In an effort to turn our Family Room into an office Jon and I are moving all of the girls’ toys into their rooms. The problem? They don’t fit. Who are we kidding? They didn’t fit when they took up most of the family room and ALL of their bedrooms. As part of the rearranging I knew there would need to be some major, and rather difficult, choices made…ones I was better off making sans kids. So today I packed KJ up and sent her to Stef’s so I could work unencumbered….6 hours later there is still much to do..but as you can see I made a lot of head way. All of the toys I separated from the pack will go to help families in need through shelters, the state police, and women’s shelters. Anything I have left afterward will be donated to GoodWill of KY. How do you deal with the overflow of toys?

Travel Toy Boxes

We were called away from home this weekend due to a family emergency and since we were taking the girls, I had to think of a way to pack enough toys and activities to keep them busy for a while.  We have a relatively small car so space is always an issue, especially on long trips (anything over an hour). I have devised a way to transport enough toys for both of them AND conserve much needed space.

We use travel toy boxes.  We use 20 QT. plastic tubs, which we normally use to organize toys in the bedrooms, are the perfect size to carry in the car.  We allow both girls to fill the tubs with their choice of toys (with supervision).  The girls get the feeling of independence and love choosing their own toys to take on toys.  The tubs stack perfectly between the girl’s car seats and are easy to access.

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