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Small Town Summer Fun

Today was one of those perfect days when the weather is perfect, you’ve got nothing really to do but be with the people you love and enjoy the offerings of your small town.  Although we were supposed to take the car to get new tires this morning (and truthfully I was supposed to do it Friday morning as well) Jon, the girls, and I enjoyed delicious rest until 10am this morning. Yes, that’s right. 10. AM. Now granted that made us a bit rushed to make it to KJ’s tumbling practice, but we didn’t care…the was wonderful.

Thanks to my cell being dead I missed a call from the tumbling center’s owner letting me know KJ’s practice had been moved back 45 minutes, but it was no big. Instead we got treated to a super-fun (and candy-filled) parade at our county’s seat.

The girls collected mass amounts of sugary goodness while we were treated to seeing so many fun floats, including

our tumbling center’s cheerleaders,

some neat old fire trucks,

local celebrities,

and even some equine visitors as well.

After the parade we the rest of the afternoon practicing tumbling, signing up for the summer reading program at our local library (you can learn more about summer reading programs here), wandering around the NC Spring event, and practicing softball with KG.

We finished our day with pizza and ice cream.

Yes. Today was a perfect day.