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Amy Porterfield ProBlogger Facebook Marketing Webinar #FBI

Social Media Strategist and author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, Amy Porterfield presented a webinar in conjunction with Problogger to discuss Facebook Pages marketing strategies on December 7, 2011.  The webinar moved very quickly; below you will find my live-blogged notes from the very informative webinar.

Create Super fans! (action taking, raving fans)

 Step 1) Build a strong FaceBook foundation

Branded FB page

wall image can be up to 180 x 540 pixels

  • Add company name and image
  • Highlight your company’s website url
  • Create a short tagline to explain what you’re about

Get a custom welcome landing page for non-fans! (iFrames)

  • Set up as default
  • Tell them to like your page
    • and then tell them WHY
    • Use video to educate your audience

Reveal Tab (iFrame *LEARN MORE!*)

Create a custom tab for Upcoming Events

Use custom tabs to educate promote – drive traffic to custom tabs


Step 2) Grow a lucrative Facebook fan base

Before you dive in – identify your WHY

  • What do you hope to gain from you use of FB and how will it help your business?
  • Who’s your ideal audience? Get specific here.  What are the demos, needs, wants, and challenges of the person who will buy your products, programs, or services?
  • Know who you are attracting….or who you want to attract.
  • What actions do you want your ideal audience to take via your efforts on FB?

Capture the attention of Super Fans

  • Grow a quality community
  • Focus only on those fans who have a vested interest
  • You can’t be everything to everyone
  • It is all about branding yourself, getting the like and growing your leads.

Engagement Ads are perfect for attracting your ideal fans

  • Give them an action (let them click the like button w/o leaving the page)
    • Make sure you have them land on a custom landing page

Step 3) Create massive engagement

EdgeRank – How do I get this to work for me?

  • Looks at how often you post, how engaged your fans are, how old or new your posts are.

Provide value to your ideal customer w/your social media activities. 

Ask smart questions

  • There’s a right way and a wrong way
    • Users move fast on FB – respect this behavior
    • Before you post, think of the likely responses
    • Responses should be short, easy, entertaining, about themselves

No fail engagement

  • Make it fun. Ie: What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?
  • Ask for feedback. Get their advice.
  • Let them promote themselves.

Stick around (don’t post and ditch!)

  • Use their first name and extend another the conversation.

Give your posts some meat

  • Entertain – Give them a break; make them laugh or relax.
  • Educate – Add value for them, teach them something.
  • Empower – Inspire, give them actionable tips

When you set yourself as an authority, exhibit skill and build trust you can increase your conversions outside of FB.

Step4) Turning fans into Super Fans

Step 1–automated)

Drive traffic to your FB page

  • FB social plugins
  • Engagement ads
  • Tweets with links to page
  • Icon in email signature
    • wisestamps.com – FREE (gmail) pull in your latest FB posts into your gmail account.

Step 2–automated)

Potential Fan Lands on your customized FB welcome page

  • Becomes a fan
  • Opts-in for giveaway

Step 3–automated)

Solidify relationship

  • -Deploy auto-responder campaign for instant communication


Step 4–FB posts)

Create ongoing engagement

  • Link to latest blog posts
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Interesting stats with link to a study
  • Funny posts with embedded videos or pics


Step 5)

Promote a promise of something even better outside of FB (free webinar, teleclass, video training)


Step 6)



This Facebook marketing webinar was given for free by Problogger and featured social media strategist, Amy Porterfield on December 7, 2011.  You can watch the entire replay here.

Image credit: Thos003