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Dress in Layers for Work Out Success #Walkabout

You don’t normally think fashion when you think about walking for exercise, but realistically what you wear while you’re walking can be the difference between a good hard work out and a hot mess.  If you don’t dress appropriately when walking you may find yourself unable to complete the walk or end up home in a sweaty pool of yourself, which is just nasty and enough to make you stop with the walking.

Layers Workout


I know you’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating.  In the early and late hours of the spring, the temperatures can be cool when you start out and as your body heat rises you may get too warm.  If you’re like me, you decrease your activity level as your body heat rises and the sweat starts to pool. (ew.)

If you dress in layers you are able to start out dressed a bit more warmly while leaving yourself the option to remove some clothing to cool off if needed.


Wearing sunglasses not only keeps you from forming ugly wrinkles around your eyes, it also protects your vision from the harmful effects of the sun.

Find out four more reasons why you should wear sunglasses, here.


This should be another no brainer.  Obviously if you’re awake you should have sunscreen on, not just any sunscreen, your sunscreen should contain zinc, be at least 30 SPF, and be able to stand up against your sweat…so water resistant.

Need more convincing? Read this from the American Association of Dermatology.


Wearing the right kind of shoe for your foot (and designed for walking) can improve your stride, cut down on muscle pain, and prevent against blisters and calluses.

Find out what to look for in a good shoe from this Mayo Clinic article.

What do you wear when you go walking?

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Issac Mizrahi Comes to QVC

Now, if you know me personally you know I am not a fashionista. In fact I have a more unique way of dressing. Now don’t get me wrong, I still like to look fashionable (sometimes), but in an edgier, more alternative kind of way. Like the way I refuse to give up wide-legged pants, I look terrible in skinny jeans!  I digress. Years ago I got all excited when Issac Mizrahi brought his edgier styles to Target, because this meant I might be able to afford some of his fabulous styles…well, now I have more exciting news! Issac Mizrahi is coming to QVC!!


I live a good hour away from the nearest mall/Target and have outgrown most of the younger styles Target carries, so the chance to purchase some fabulous and affordable Issac Mizrahi styles straight from my television is fantastic and something for me (though not Jon) to get excited about!!

Tomorrow Mr. Mizrahi will make an appearance at 8pm on QVC’s Posh in the Park , live from the style capital of the world Bryant Park.  Then join him Saturday at 8 pm on QVC for the official launch of Issac Mizrahi Live!  He’ll be showcasing his new line of QVC exclusive trends and I’m sure sharing some fabulous fashion advice for the masses.

If you’re like me and just can’t wait until Saturday to see what he’s got in store be sure to check out Issac Mizrahi Live! on QVC’s website, more items are being added soon…but you can’t get a taste of what is to come.

As Issac says: “All the style you want. None of the craziness.” Which is something I’m sure we can all get behind this holiday season!

Disclosure: I was not paid or given any incentive to write this post, I simply sought to inform you, my readers.  Again this is a non-sponsored post.