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The Avengers Dinner Date

Last Tuesday, Jon and I had the opportunity to see Marvel’s The Avengers in IMAX 3-D before it was released and let me just say we were not disappointed!  After having spent the last 4 days at Disney World with the small people, we needed a bit of a break from the kids and this movie afforded us the perfect opportunity to head out on a date.  Now to say that our expectations were high would be a mistake…no…Jon and I have been waiting for this movie since we were kids – our expectations were sky high.  While we had been rather impressed with the individual movies leading up to The Avengers, I was still pretty apprehensive about the full-on movie.  Now you can see Marvel’s The Avengers for yourself, since it opens today: May 4th!

Thankfully, Joss Wheldon did not disappoint.  From this 80′s kid, I can say without a doubt The Avengers met and exceeded all of my hopes for how they would play out the movie and the characters.

Black Widow

More more than just that Avengers trailer of Black Widow to convince you?  My favorite character, by far, is Black Widow.  As virtually the only woman on this team of kick-butt heroes, Black Widow wipes the floor with the men she comes into contact with and all without a single super-power, ya know…except serious butt-kicking skills. The movie went a long way to developing her character in a way that had not been explored on film yet and gave it a depth that was needed to hold this plot together.  Are you endowed with Scarlett Johansson’s fabulous looks?  Thanks to my girl Emily you can dress like Black Widow too!! Or like the Hulk…or hunky Captain America.

For what age group is this most appropriate?

While rated PG-13, Marvel’s The Avengers is free from gratuitous gore, foul language, and nudity (though there is one time where Black Widow’s latex encased butt is huge and prominently on screen) and even though there are a few loud and surprising points with some slightly scary villains, The Avengers is, in my opinion, perfect from kids 8 and up who love super hero movies.

The Avenger’s Storyline

In an effort to keep the world from utter destruction and dominance by Loki and his army of Chitauri, Nick Fury summons together The Avengers to find that they’re not super-keen on working together in the first place.  Each member of the team is plagued by their own battles with Black Widow filled with the need to find and bring back Hawkeye, Captain America unsure of his surrounding and still finding his footing in a new world, Tony Stark determined to find the truth behind the real reason they’ve been called up, Bruce Banner always struggling to hold back the beast…his “other man”, and Thor is out to save and capture his brother before the humans.  Filled with action around every corner and some serious laugh out loud moments, the cast of Marvel’s The Avengers bring their characters to life and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time and eager for the next installment. (Psst. Don’t miss after The Avengers’ credits!!)
Check out this action filled Avengers trailer!

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After the movie was over Jon and I left feeling giddy and a bit like kids again…of course it was really late and we had to pick up the kids too..so maybe that’s what we were feeling. lol. Don’t skimp and miss out, see this movie in theater, in IMAX 3-D if possible, it is SO worth your time and money!

Are you planning to go see The Avengers this weekend?

Disclosure: I was invited to view the movie at a prescreening, but received no monetary compensation…all thoughts are my own.