404 Secure Password Manager (CLOSED)

Secure Password Manager (CLOSED)

Works For Me Wednesday

I don’t know about you, but I have what seems like a billion passwords (probably closer to 100) that I have to remember and well over 20 that I use on a daily basis. Just remembering ten unique passwords is difficult enough, let alone 20+ DAILY.  It’s nearly impossible. I do my bill paying online, most of my shopping, and run my website online (of course.) Luckily, there are a few programs out there that do the remembering for me. FireFox will remember most passwords, but not all of them.  Roboform, the handy tool bar that automatically fills in the dozens of forms we freebie queens fill out in a day, also remembers up to 10 passwords after the trial period runs out. But that’s just 10. What about the other 90 passwords people like me have to remember?

Enter my new favorite toy. Passpack. Simple to use, remembers up 100 passwords in their FREE version, keeps all of your passwords in alogo neat list (which works better than my messy hand written list), saves logins and private notes also, no computer installation needed; just sign up and get started. For $15 a year you can get the premium package and save up to 1000 passwords, logins, and private notes.


For those of you who are security minded, Passpack cannot unlock your private data. It’s sealed up tight with your “Packing Key.”  Passpack uses a US Government approved algorithm to encrypt your passwords and private data; only you hold the Packing Key and only that Packing Key can open the encryption.

Passpack saves more than just your passwords, logins, and private notes (as if that weren’t enough); but also your Frequent Flyer Miles, registration numbers, travel ideas, and anything else you would like to keep private…say your hubby’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas?? You can access Passpack from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection since there are no physical parts and doesn’t require downloading anything.

Passpack features the handy 1 Click Login, which sits in your bookmarked pages. Once you login to Passpack, anytime you need to use Passpack to login to a website, simply click the button, and Passpack will log you in. It’s that simple and I love it. In fact, I can’t imagine life without it now that I’ve tried it…and I’m sure you won’t be able to either.

So answer this question for me, How many passwords do YOU have to remember?

Be Honest.
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So Enter and Have Fun, I look forward to seeing who has the most:) Contest ends Saturday, January 31 at 9pm.

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