404 Progressive #TrySnapShot Results

Progressive #TrySnapShot Results

As you all know, for the last month I’ve been driving around with Progressive’s Snapshot in order to try and earn a discount on my auto insurance.  After four weeks, I am ready to share my experience and my ending result.

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First of all, I definitely made the right choice by putting the Snapshot in my car rather than Jon’s Focus.  Though he is a good driver, the Snapshot is super sensitive and the driver has to stay really aware of your braking, accelerating, and the amount of driving that you do.  Which is obviously the point.
Honestly, I really figured I was a safe driver, but after the first week and I was scoring a C+ with zero discount, because according to the Snapshot I drove too much (more than the average person living in my area anyway) and braked too hard (faster than a rate of 5 mph per second).

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After that cold hard look at my driving, started paying really close attention and making the necessary adjustments to my braking.  I’ll tell you what though, I made little to no adjustments to the amount of driving that I did since that’s not really possible.

I don’t do a lot of driving usually, but I spent a lot of time in the car this summer traveling to Frankfort, the zoo, the pool, and more.  It just so happens that while we were using the Snapshot, the end of summer was coming and I was trying to fill in as much into those last days as possible.

For the next three weeks, I was really careful and aware of my driving – careful to keep my acceleration and deceleration at below 5 mph per second. By the end of my trial, I scored a B+ (almost an A!!), had improved my deceleration score greatly, and qualified to save 9% on my auto insurance.  And now that the trial is over and I’ve packaged it all up, I have found the habits that formed from being so overly careful have carried over even now.  And for that, even if I hadn’t gotten a discount, I am grateful.

Which of your driving habits need the most change?

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