January 29, 2015


We would LOVE to help spread the word about your wonderful product or site with an ad here on High Impact Mom! We also understand that in this economy the advertising budget is usually the first to go, so we’re offering a HUGE discount to our advertisers.

Advertisers with High Impact Mom will enjoy page positioning that can be seen on each page and post throughout the site.  High Impact Mom attracts a variety of readers, including work-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads, with specific statistics available upon request.

125×125* Side Bar Advertisement

1 month plan – $20.00
3 month plan – $45.00
6 month- $75.00
1 year – $145.00

The price goes up $5.00 for a .GIF and $10.00 for a widget.

Rules for Advertising:

Your graphics must be family friendly.

Your graphics must not contain or link to any plagiarized content, images, music, or file downloads.

There is no guarantee as to traffic this advertisement may or may not generate for your website/blog.

There is no promise of positive feedback, discussion, or promotion concerning your advertisement besides the general promotion of this blog.

There in fact may be negative feedback concerning your advertisement, and you understand and agree that this blog will not anyway be held responsible or liable for such feedback, discussion, or commentary.

Payments shall be made via PayPal to an email account I will provide in the email reply confirming your advertisement prior to display.

Please contact ads (at) highimpactmom (dot) com