404 Nostalgia Month on Tuesday Tunes

Nostalgia Month on Tuesday Tunes

With my 30th birthday looming just days away, I decided to take this month to look back at some of my favorite songs from the past 30 years and share a little bit about who I was when these songs were important to me.  When I first started to have my own musical identity and a hunger for music that I chose, my first purchases in that world were Sublime’s self-title album and Nirvana’s Live and Unplugged in New York, these two albums became a gateway drug of sorts to the type of music that just wasn’t popular in HC and yet appealed to me in a way I’d never experienced before.  From this spring board I went on to explore and discover (and love) music from all genres, many of whom I would have known nothing about had it not been for this foray into new music.

Today I’m reaching back and I’m sharing two of my early all-time favorites, I hope you enjoy:

Sublime – Wrong Way (NFSW/NSFK)

Nirvana – (Cover of the Meat Puppets) Lake of Fire

What are you listening to this week?

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Image Courtesy of Sublime.com

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