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Munchkins, Student Council, and Student of the Month…wow

December 15, 2011 Amanda 1 Comment

I’m at a loss – completely flabbergasted – in a good way.  In the last week my first mini-me, KG, has had some pretty phenomenal things happen…but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

A few weeks ago, KG’s principal called me out of the blue while I was grocery shopping…of course immediately my mind thinks something is wrong and it takes him FOREVER to get the point.

It seems the local high school will be putting on The Wizard of Oz this Spring and as such would be casting some of the elementary students as munchkins, Mr. J thinks KG would be perfect for the part.  The problem is KG won’t agree to even practice to try out without my permission (whoa. Kind of makes me sound like Troll Mom.), so Mr. J is calling to find out if I have any qualms.

Are you kidding me?!

Theatre I understand! Hello!! It’s what I originally wanted to get my degree in, ya know…before I realized I needed to make money.

I calmly assured Mr. J that I wasn’t a troll was ok with KG practicing and auditioning, all the while tamping down the urge to break out into song right there in the middle of Kroger. My girl wants to be an actress!! I think to myself and then struggle to remember not to project my dreams on to her…while also silently planning how we can watch the movie over the weekend and devoting myself to helping her perfect her audition piece.

The rest of the grocery buying trip is a blur…I had to call everyone and tell them that my daughter was going to audition for the high school play!!  She was following in Mommy’s footsteps a little!

Fairly floating on air KJ and I arrive to pick her up…but wait!  The fun isn’t over!

It seems that my ever the advocate daughter would also like to fill out an application to be in the Student Council.

Success!! I have done something right! 

Not only does my girl want to act…she wants to be in the student council!

Thoughts of college applications….and years of student council-ing…fill my head.  I am awesome at this parenting thing!

I’m even more thrilled when we arrive home and ‘lo here is an opportunity for KG to practice her open-ended question answering, handwriting, and grammar skills!  Upon my demand, she writes all of her answers on a separate sheet, I then reviewed  it and pointed out any errors or areas that needed clarification, and she rewrote it on the application. Ha! Score another for Mom! I thought!

All the while I’m also thinking…let her audition, let her apply…what are the chances of all the kids she’ll actually get chosen for both?


It seems that out of all the kids who auditioned for the part of a munchkin, KG (and several other deserving students) was chosen for a munchkin part in the high school’s Spring play, The Wizard of Oz! YAY!

First rehearsal is January 9th….from 3:30-6pm…wait. That’s a Monday. She has cheerleading on Monday’s from 6-8! Oh boy.

From there we will learn the rest of our rehearsal dates and times…oy.

On the same day we found out KG was also accepted as a 3rd Grade representative of the Student Council! YAY!

These practice days don’t interfere with anything and actually we’re really excited about this!

And now for more good news!

KG is Ms. W’s Class’ Student of the Month!!

Students of the Month are “chosen based on academic achievement, behavior, positive peer relationships, and/or academic growth.”

We are so proud of her!

And ya know what? I would be proud of her even if none of this had happened..

Share what your kids are doing to make you proud in the comments!


 Image Credit: Sam Howzit

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  1. Annie
    December 20, 2011 - 5:21 pm

    congrats!!! this was such a great post to read!!


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