404 Mamavation Monday – Week 1

Mamavation Monday – Week 1

MamavationYes friends, it’s another post about my weight-loss travels…recently a very good friend of mine, Leah of Bookieboo fame, suggested I put my money where my mouth was in terms of weight-loss.  Now that’s what I thought I was doing since I have to pay out $5 for every time I gain weight with HC’s Biggest Loser program, but I thought what the hey…she’s right, it certainly won’t hurt me to join the Mamavation Sistahood (again).  You see, I used to be a proud member but then I got lazy and I quit participating…consequently I also quit losing the weight too.

I just weighed in yesterday and honestly I’m not feeling great about the results. I know it’s from the vacation & BlogHer eating, but is that just an excuse? Could I not have eaten healthy and found time to work out while I was gone?  Ok, it would have been hard to work out while at BlogHer since I was up at 6:30am every morning and didn’t crash until very late…but still.  Yes, I did get *some* exercise on the beach and swimming in the ocean, but the thing is I took my Wii game with me! I never even got it out of my suitcase.  See? That’s my problem. I am so unmotivated to work out. I keep saying when am I going to find time or I’ll start again tomorrow…but as that country music song goes, tomorrow never comes.

I decided to rejoin the Sistahood to find motivation in other’s successes and to encourage others not to give up…for some us it’s a lifelong battle this staying healthy thing, but it’s one we can win.  I’m looking forward to the support that I know will come from this amazing group of women and the swift kick in the butt I know I’ll get if I start slacking.  I’m also looking forward to reading about everyone else’s struggles, triumphs, and supporting them along the way.  Mamavation and the Sistahood certainly has grown since I was last a member and I’m looking forward to getting to know many new and inspiring women through this journey.

I’ll still be writing my Fat-burning Friday Biggest Loser wrap-up post every week, but instead of posting my weight and figures over there I’ll be posting them here so I can garner the support, motivation, and accountability I need from the Sistahood as well.  So if you’re on Twitter and you see me tweeting with this #mamavation you know I’m chatting with my Sistas and sharing in the encouragement.

The Numbers

Date: 8/15/2011

Weigh-in: 168.4 (+4) (eeek!! I’ll take full responsibility for this!)

Goal Weight: 140

Exercise: I started #GruntStyle’s 2 Week Challenge yesterday and yes, it is a challenge!! Yike! It’s killing me in an oh-so-good way! I’m always following along with a Pilates video and playing my Wii work-out games.  I’m determined to give it all I’ve got from now on since I want to see a change in my life and my body.

Water: I’ve upped my intake and am getting my full 8 8oz. of water a day now and really have seen a difference in my hunger level and my energy level.

Eating Habits: Here is where I struggle the most. I love food and Coke. :) I find that I’m coming into the most trouble when I’m working late at night at my desk. I’m just looking for something to snack on during this time and I eat everything in site.  I’m doing my best to keep the unhealthy stuff out of the house, but even the healthy stuff is unhealthy when you eat too much of it!  Do any of you know of a healthy snack that I could much on that wouldn’t kill me health-wise?

Each week I will post an updated picture to help motivate me and to hold me accountable…

Don’t I look thrilled in this picture? NOT! ;-)   Next week will be better!


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