January 25, 2015

Mamavation Monday – Motivation to Keep Moving Forward

Happy Mamavation Monday everyone!  I’m feeling mighty proud of myself this week after two weeks of sluggery.  I’ve been doing SO much better eating and exercise wise!  I even told Leah (aka Bookieboo) last week that I could feel my muscles growing.  I had forgotten what an exhilarating feeling that is.  And then yesterday after the weigh-in, after I got some relief (more of that at the bottom of this post), it reminded how motivating weight-loss was and how good it felt to know you were making the right choices and the work you’re doing is paying off.  It’s just a really good feeling.  I do want to give you a hint though I didn’t have to pay $5 this week!

Yesterday though, I allowed myself a rest day…with the exception of some Burpees (I started my own 100 Day Burpee Challenge since I missed out on the official Mamavation one.)  I spent the week being grateful for the awesome encouragement from Mr. Bookieboo to keep trying to do push-ups, a little at a time, and from my Sistas who kept me motivated and supported all week long.  Thank you all for that.

Let’s get to the weekly break down.

The Numbers

Date: 8/21/2011

Weigh-in: 166.6 (-1.8) (Not too bad if I do say so.  At least the arrow’s going in the right direction now!)

Goal Weight: 140

Non-Scale Related Triumph: I have already washed all of our fresh fruit for the week and have all of my snack pre-proportioned into serving sizes, so that I can make positive choices all week and save time while doing it!

Healthy Living Breakdown

Exercise: Ok.  I feel like I’m doing pretty decent here right now.  I’m playing a variety of Wii workout games, mixing it up with a little EA Sports Active More Workouts daily and some Fit-in-Six mixed in as well.  I’ve also been practicing yoga daily and honestly that’s where I feel the strongest, where I can feel the changes my body is making the best.  When I am practicing yoga my body feels strong and solid…I love that.  I’ve also talked a group of my friends (my fellow Biggest Loser HC team members) into walking for the two hours twice a week while KG was in cheerleading.  We even raced up huge hills and around blocks, it was fun and we pushed each other a little more each day.  I’m looking forward to continuing to do that!

Water: I have to say I think I did pretty darn good this week with the water.  I consistently drank 4+ bottles (equivalent to 8-8 Fl. Oz. glasses) daily and cut down my coffee consumption…some. You do not want to see me without coffee. It’s bad.  I didn’t drink any soda this week, but I did enjoy a glass of sweet tea last night…ok, maybe two.

Eating Habits: I did a little better this week with my eating choices and really I’m telling myself baby steps.  I did have some days when I chose (yes, I made the choice each time) to not eat super healthy, but overall I think I did much better.  I have been much more conscious about what I’m eating this week and plan to continue to make better choices as the weeks and months carry on.  I’m still allowing myself small treats (and occasionally not so small), but I’m also following these allowances with more working out to compensate for some of it.

Each week I am posting an updated picture to help motivate me and to hold me accountable…


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