404 Mamavation Monday: Maintaining My Composure…and My Weight

Mamavation Monday: Maintaining My Composure…and My Weight

As most of you know the girls and I have been battling illnesses of one ty[e or another since the week before Christmas…Thank you all for your love and support through this time.  We have now been well for a week and I’m trying not to push my limits.  SO…that leads me right into my point: I have not worked out or weighed-in since right after Christmas.  That’s right. I’m admitting it now. I should also add right now that I have managed to maintain my weight, but realistically the only thing that saved me was the fact that during most of my illness I couldn’t taste anything…so I didn’t eat. I know. It’s not the smartest move I’ve ever made, in fact, it probably kept me ill longer.  My husband looked at me one day while the girls were eating…and he was eating…and reminded me that I was much more likely to feel better if I were eating. Not just “eating” he reminds me…but eating healthy.  Eating the whole foods that I love.  All the fresh veggies and fruit, not only do I love them…but the nutrients inside could contribute to my getting well. And he was right. I do love fresh fruit and veggies…I do love whole food, but I just was not going to eat them until I could taste them.

Luckily I can taste them again.  I made my first full trip to the grocery yesterday since becoming ill and stocked up on all the goodies my girls and I love. Yogurt, string cheese, strawberries, romaine lettuce, oatmeal, dried fruits, carrots, celery….the list goes on and on.  I get the feeling though that my dear hubby is regretting the push for me to eat right again, the look on his face suggested something more along the lines of faintness. While I was sick my Aunt and extended family took advantage of my weakness and started bringing over junk food as a ‘treat’ for the girls…now it’s important to say here that I appreciate all of their help…I do not routinely purchase and allow my girls to have junk food and it is normally save for when they go visit Auntie. I must have spent the last month walking around in some kind of nutritional oblivion, because when I was cleaning out the cabinets yesterday (before the grocery) I found Cheetos, suckers, and O so much more. Trash.

I would love to get back to working out, but I haven’t been released for physical activity since my lungs are still so weak.  You see, while I am mostly well, I am still hanging on to the pneumonia.  It really is better, but activity…vigorous activity of any kind…can really set me back.  My Wii is still in the Family Room..still waiting for me to turn it on again.  And I will. I am determined.

Ahem. Which is kind of what leads me into my next “thing”. I am going to Blissdom next week thanks to some really awesome sponsors (Tommy Nelson publishing and Katja Presnal) and Disney right after that, which thrills me to no end. However, I am bigger (much) than I was last winter…or even the end of summer…so none of my clothes fit right. I have been able to get away with not buying many any new clothes by just sticking a sweatshirt over top of whatever shirt I’m wearing and you almost can’t tell I’m a full 20 pounds heaver than I normally am.  So I’m starting to freak out just a little. You see I’m going to have to have some cute or at least semi-professional clothes by then…but my budget is not allowing for it. In this case, it’s buy Mommy some new clothes or go to Disney. I pick Disney. Now I know I’m working on it and weight-loss takes time. I know I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to work out for 5 weeks. But it doesn’t change the fact that when I look at myself I see the fat. I see the rolls. And I see that none. NONE. of my clothes fit.

I’m taking comfort in you all today, reading about your triumphs and slip-ups will help me today. So thanks for that everyone. I’m working on eating right this week and doing what I can. I’m trying to remember not to sweat the small stuff and keep my eyes focused on the long run. I am also not going to think what “what to wear” until next week, won’t change anything this week. Ooops. I forgot to mention I have maintained my weight since last weigh-in so that’s ok I guess…

Ya’ll have a good week. Take care of each other. Take care of you.

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PS. Sorry for the book :)

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