404 Green Tips Tuesday~Earth Hour

Green Tips Tuesday~Earth Hour

Recently I received an email from a reader advising me to check out Earth Hour.

I thought this might be of interest -- in case you don't know about it already!

Green News--Earth Hour
A global event, Earth Hour, will take place on Saturday, March 28, at
8:30 p.m. Millions of people in 250 cities in 74 countries will turn
out their lights to make a statement of concern about the planet and
climate change. Sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour got
started just two years ago and is now the largest event of its kind in
the world. Last year, more than 50 million people participated, and the
lights went out at the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge,
the Sydney Opera House and the Coliseum in Rome. Even Google's homepage
went black for the day. Participating in Earth Hour is easy, fun and
free. Just reduce you plug load, turn down lights, open windows and use
natural light--what ever you can do!

The results of the “vote” will be presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this year.  The goal is to have 1 Billion “votes” at the end and I hope they well exceed their goal.

My family is in!  We are taking it a step farther and are going to commit to not to using any electricity for the entire day…should be interesting, I’m still working on the menu.  If you are wondering what you can do it’s simple.

  • Spread the Word. Blog about it. Tell your friends, family, pastor, Sunday School, hair stylist, and everyone else you meet.  Download and print this poster.  Hang it in your window, I did.
  • Participate. March 28th at 8:30pm, turn off your lights and leave them off for one hour.
  • Take It a Step Farther. Try turning your lights off for an hour 2-3 times a week when you start off.  Make it a game in your house to see who can keep their lights off the longest or who can use the least amount of electricty in a week.  Open your windows and let the breeze in, turn off the fans.  Pull out a board game and play it instead of watching TV, your kids will love you for it.

Please make plans to take in part in this year’s Earth Hour.  I will be posting an article detailing what we will be doing that day that doesn’t require electricity later this week. I hope I can get a Mr. Linky up so you can share your posts about how you plan to observe Earth Hour.

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