404 Getting Back Up Again

Getting Back Up Again

I know. It’s been too long since I posted here and stood as an active participant in my health, but I am here again.  Honestly, life has been one big blurry recently (but more on that later) and I haven’t really given myself time to do anything sane for over a month.  Thus my health has suffered.  We’re trying to be active when we can, I make a conscious effort to park farther away when we shop, and I’m still trying to be mindful of the food we’re eating.  Honestly though? Any semblance of real exercise has disappeared from my life completely.

We’re battling major illnesses here with my KG, a busy work/school life, and various other obligations that have recently stood in the way of exercising (and blogging)…but I’m making a choice today to get back up and start taking better care of myself.  Last Saturday in the crisp of the early country morning, 102+ people, including myself, participated in a Turkey Trot 5K to benefit our local backpack food ministry.  It was fantastic and aside from my lungs feeling like they were actually lit on fire, I felt great.  It also showed me how out of shape I have gotten in just a month and how important it is for me to keep training and working.

What have you gals (and guys) been up to? Who’s running 5ks?  How do you train for them?  Who’s doing tons of burpees? Share your triumphs with me!

My big deal?

I’ve lost 5 more pounds!!

That’s a total of 15 since August!

Only about 15 more to go!


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