404 Funneh Friday – Paranoid Parrot & Will Ferrell

Funneh Friday – Paranoid Parrot & Will Ferrell

Good Friday Morning to you!

Yes, I’m a bit chipper this morning…but that’s because it’s Friday!!  You know what that means (obviously or you wouldn’t be reading this, right?), Funneh Friday time!  The day when I throw some random picture, video, or song up in hopes of making you laugh before the weekend.

This week’s Funneh Friday comes to us from that silly Paranoid Parrot & Not Will Ferrell.

Oh silly Paranoid Parrot….but really…who can’t relate to this meme?  Haven’t we all been there? Typing along, get to a large word, write without a squiggly line, freak out…and then intentionally spell something incorrectly just to make sure spell check is even working….yeah, I can relate to that.

You see, I totally agree with Will…if someone thinks you’re not hawt you just need to remember: They’re wrong!

So that’s it…short and sweet.  I hope it made you smile!  Have a great Funneh Friday!

What’s making you laugh this week?

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