404 Extreme Sports Kiddie Style

Extreme Sports Kiddie Style

So earlier this week my children decided to take up the extreme sport of laundry basket sledding (SO wish I had a photo to share!).  Whilst Mommy was attempting to catch up on some pointless and depressing new, my two small people decided the would ride my large laundry basket down the family room steps while Poppaw looked on.  After two apparently successful goes at it, KG decides it’s safe to add KJ to the mix.  Placing KJ in the back of the basket and herself in the front (displacing the weight), they begin their descent.  Alas, too much weight in the front causes the basket to flip and the smallest one to go flying ending in a crying bloody mess.

Luckily it was just a bloody nose, but it was enough to send KJ into hysterics and to stop Mommy’s heart for a minute (and ruin my favorite shirt).  Afterwards, a ban was placed on all future indoor sledding expeditions.

But wait…

There’s more…

Not to be outdone by little sister, KG later stacks KJ’s potty seat on top of our toilet and attempts to climb up Mt. Killamommy to procure herself a small drinking cup from the cabinet. Surprisingly (only to her) the mountain comes crashing down, giving me yet another heart attack.  Thankfully, she was not hurt; no blood was shed, no bones were broken. However, there is now a ban on indoor mountain climbing also.

As a side note, she did manage to get the cup before the toilets came crashing down. Sigh.

I swear my kids are out to kill me…or each other…or both.

Have your kids ever done anything crazy (read: stupid) like this?

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