404 Couch to 5K Training and Adjusting my Eating

Couch to 5K Training and Adjusting my Eating

Exercise Habits

So…this week is the week I start Week 5 of the Couch to 5K program and while I’ve survived thus far, I’ll be honest I’m exhausted by the end of the week.  I took several days off from the training when we went to Disney and it was needed since my ankle is still sensitive and often still swells after a training session.  I was a little worried last week about jogging for 5 minutes straight, it felt more like a natural progression than anything else.  My breathing is still where I’m struggling, so clearly I need to keep working on that.  I’ve been trying to find as many articles about running and proper technique as possible, but honestly it’s a little difficult to tell if I’m doing it right.  This week’s 3 sets of 5 minutes should just continue to stretch where I’m going and help me build up to Week 6 and 8 minutes at a time.

Eating Habits

All of this running is fine and well, but my eating habits have been terrible since we got home, especially considering the Brammell Brownies I whipped up for Teacher’s Appreciation (and then made a batch to keep at home) and the tortilla chips with salsa that I have consumed this week.  I am going to need to me more present in my eating and get back to eating the fresh fruit and veggies that are currently sitting in my fridge.  Don’t want those tasty morsels to go to waste.

Problem Areas

My arms.

For serious. I have got to do something about them…either that or remove all sleeveless shirts from my wardrobe!  I have seen the pictures from Disney and I am not amused.  I missed the first week of Mamavation’s 2 week challenge, but I won’t be missing the second.  I’m starting on Week 2 Day 1 (so I can be caught up, but will be adding Week 1 Days 1-5 in the next week) today and am hoping this will give my arms a bit of a kickstart.  I need to find a set of arm exercises to do regularly along with the run/walking to give me the shapely arms I desire.

Goals for the Week

*Be Conscious with my Eating.

*Complete the C25K training for this week.

*Complete Week 2 of Mamavation’s 2 week challenge.

*Enjoy life.

What are your health goals for this week?



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