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#FunnehFriday – Forever Alone on Facebook

In keeping with what is apparently my theme this month, let’s all laugh at another great internet meme:

Forever Alone guy.

Yes, who hasn’t been there? Sign into Facebook chat, watch the mass flood of people sign out.
Who hasn’t also been the person doing the signing out? You see that one person you would rather avoid and then try to go “offline” before they can message you. Yeah, don’t lie. You know you’ve been there.

Funneh Friday – Success Kid is My Husband

It’s that time again!  Funneh Friday is here and this week we’re joined by Success Kid, who is apparently also my husband. Enjoy!

OH yes, laundry day comes once a week here in the house and I expect everyone to pitch in, pull their own weight, and take care of their clothes.  The girls both know that it’s their responsibility to take care of their own clothing, Jon on the other hand is another story.  This man possesses the greatest ability to avoid laundry…but when he does it is inevitably the load of towels that he gets.

So, tell me: What’s making you laugh this week?

Funneh Friday – Paranoid Parrot & Will Ferrell

Good Friday Morning to you!

Yes, I’m a bit chipper this morning…but that’s because it’s Friday!!  You know what that means (obviously or you wouldn’t be reading this, right?), Funneh Friday time!  The day when I throw some random picture, video, or song up in hopes of making you laugh before the weekend.

This week’s Funneh Friday comes to us from that silly Paranoid Parrot & Not Will Ferrell.

Oh silly Paranoid Parrot….but really…who can’t relate to this meme?  Haven’t we all been there? Typing along, get to a large word, write without a squiggly line, freak out…and then intentionally spell something incorrectly just to make sure spell check is even working….yeah, I can relate to that.

You see, I totally agree with Will…if someone thinks you’re not hawt you just need to remember: They’re wrong!

So that’s it…short and sweet.  I hope it made you smile!  Have a great Funneh Friday!

What’s making you laugh this week?

Funneh Friday – The Internet Makes Me Smile Edition

So…as you know that stinker Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday.  KJ actually burst into tears when she found out, certain that somehow the mystical groundhog brought Spring on.  She didn’t realize he’s really just a ….

Scumbag Groundhog


And this? This is exactly how I imagine they feel.


What’s making you smile on the internet today?

Photo Credits: Imgur

What to do?

I’m sitting here tonight listening to my Weezer station on Pandora, hanging with my Jon, and finishing some International Business homework…and I’ve been thinking of this blog and what should happen with it. Should I keep it…or let it go? I mean I can barely consistently eat dinner at night let along consistently blog every night.  I feel like I’ve been struggling to stay above water these past two months. For those of who might not already know my beloved grandmother passed away May 21st in my Aunt’s home with her family by her side.  She has been greatly missed in the close to a month that she has been gone.  I cannot even count the times I have wanted to call her…to tell her about..something..anything…only to realize she’s gone. It hurts.  I keep saying to myself, and to you, you loyal and greatly appreciated, readers.  I am forever grateful for you…so many of you I know away from this blog…on Facebook or Twitter…you’ve held me up in prayer (good vibe, whatev), you’ve encouraged me through word (both spoken and written), and I am forever grateful. I adore each and every one of you.

I love this. This writing. This therapeutic – coveted time alone with my pc and tunes. I love it. I’m not ready to give it up. Or you up. Not yet. I desire to write here, at least just to journal our day (boring as it may be) for possible future generations.  We’re going to be doing some fun stuff this summer, nothing spectacular, but it’s gonna be fun.  I hope if you still read that you’ll continue and that you’ll join in on the convo. Tell me I’m not alone. Sometimes it’s easy to feel that way.