404 BlogHer 09 Welcome and Speed Dating

BlogHer 09 Welcome and Speed Dating

Well guys, you would be proud of me…I’m sitting at a table with complete strangers and feel right at home. That’s just what this conference has been about. I have yet to meet one lady (or gentleman) who is unwilling to give a hug and a kind word.  I really feel so privileged to have been able to attend and will be live blogging throughout the conference for Wellesse.

I have met so many amazing women so far.  However I’m still a little anxious as to what this Speed Dating is going to be all about.

The founders of BlogHer have just take the stage and are talking about how women have changed things in social media over the last two years.  According to the founders, 85% of women who searched for products online actually made a decision based on blog network (up from just 63%).   And because of this, companies are taking us more seriously and cashing in.  More than 50% of BlogHer women polled reported shifting time away from traditional media to web-based media.

I think it’s awesome that Pepsico and GM are still standing up for and standing with women despite the hard year.

My only complaint is the lack of hotel wide wireless internet, we are a BLOGGING conference..seriously? YOU don’t have constant and cooperative internet? Ugh.

OH by the way! BlogHer 10 will be held in NEW YORK CITY!! at the Hilton from August 5-7.  Registration is now open so RUN don’t walk over to Blogher and reserve your ticket now!  Rooms will still be 199 a night which is absolutely awsome! Hope to see you there!

This post was made possible by Wellesse who sponsored my hotel stay in Chicago at BlogHer 09.

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