Playtime on a Dime: Encourage Learning through Play

playtime on a dime

It’s no secret that children learn best through play and there have been countless studies done in support of this fact, these days parents everywhere are looking for new ways to pack the most educational benefits into their children’s playtime.  While there is certainly a surplus of “educational” toys marketed specifically for children’s enrichment and […]

Teaching Kids Basic Computer Skills and Digital Safety

teaching digital skills to children

As parents of digital citizens, it is our duty to ensure our children grow into responsible computer users; this means making sure they have proficient keyboarding skills, are well versed in digital security, and know how to use various software programs with ease.  Even though I’m a digital parent, early last year I found I […]

5 Tips for Soothing Your Child’s Earache

5 tips for soothing an ear ache

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of helplessness that takes over a parent’s heart when their child is in pain, this is especially true when your beloved child has an earache.  After a recent bout with earaches and an ear infection, I spent a lot of time researching and trying out home remedies to help […]

Family Travel Tips

family travel tips

My family and I do a lot of traveling and along the way have accumulated some tried and true strategies that make traveling with children a pleasant and even an enjoyable adventure. Here are a few travel tips that our family swears by: – Write a detailed list of everything each member will be taking […]

Send a Little Note – Spread a Little Joy

Show them you care.

Who doesn’t love to receive little unexpected notes of encouragement?  Years ago, I received a beautiful Paper Coterie desk calendar from a conference and could not bear to dispose of it after the year had passed and the calendar had been rendered irrelevant.  Now to some, this might seem frivolous or maybe even verging on hording…but […]

4 Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

home winterization

With the turn of the weather our thoughts also turn to getting your home prepared for winter and the cold-wet weather that comes with it.  No one likes the higher electricity bills that seemed to be married to the cooler weather, so it is important to take small steps to winterize your home efficiently. Here […]

After School Snack: Chicken & Broccoli Roll-Up Recipe

With students all over the nation headed back to school, parents everywhere are scrambling to come up with delicious and healthy snack ideas.  A good after school snack will tide your kids during those dark and hungry hours between school and dinnertime.  The chicken & broccoli roll-up recipe I’m sharing today is packed with Vitamin […]