404 #15byType-A and Intro post

#15byType-A and Intro post

I don’t know if I shared with you all yet, but not only am I speaking (!) at Type A Parent Conference this year with the amazing Sarah Pinnix I am also the volunteer coordinator again this year.  I’m super pumped and cannot wait to see everyone!  However, I am a little freaked because I’m still overweight {much to my chagrin} and I am not thrilled with my body right now…so I’m also not super pumped about being in front of people and not being confident.  After stepping in at the end of a Twitter conversation I found that several of my friends and fellow Type A Parent goers were planning on getting a group together and committing to lose 15 pounds {or whatever you want to lose} by the first day of Type A this year {June 23rd}, I decided to join in!

SO here’s my intro post:

I’m Amanda.  I have two amazing little girls {7 & 4} , work mainly from my house {usually in my pjs, cause that’s awesome}, am a full time student and have a deep abiding love for all things chocolate.  I’ve never lost all of my baby weight, but I came pretty darn close just before I got pregnant with KJ. I am so tired of looking in the mirror and being absolutely unhappy with what I see. I am ready to make a change and commit to living healthier.  I have just signed up for My Fitness Pal {highimpactmom} and downloaded the app on my DroidX so I can actively track my progress and be held accountable.  I have 29 pounds that I want to lose total, but will be thrilled to reach a loss of 15 pounds by the end of June!  Tomorrow I’ll post my before picture {I’m in class now and shouldn’t even be blogging right now} I hope you’ll hold me accountable and I’ll do the same for you!

What is you main weight-loss obstacle and what are you doing to overcome it?

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